Challenged to capture local culture in a shortfilm, "on location" is a television series style video production project that will entertain audiences with a travel show that highlights local culture, tourism, and all of the behind-the-scenes drama involved in creating a shortfilm "on location"...

• a display of gravity, film/video related projects for mirth manufacturing concern, is currently seeking sponsors and distribution partners for the "on location" (copyright 2006) project.

• our pilot episode, "Concept to Reality", (above) was created to establish the positive whimsy underlying the series.

• for our first season, follow a troop of motion picture artists attempting to capture Canadian culture in a convoy around Canada, including all the drama and spectacle of months on the road, living and working together.

• we also plan to include social media features like spherical Virtual Reality content, blurbs, and stock photography archives.
If you'd like more information, maybe you /or your business would like to help accelerate the "on location" project, or if you would like to petition to include your community in the "on location" project, click here to send an email.