the mirth Tea project, now the t'latte project, is mirth manufacturing concern’s first (scheduled) manufacturing prospect, to set the frame work for future goods manufacturing contracts, and patent licensing arrangements.

mirth Tea is a process developed by a display of gravity circa 2003.
In 2012, creator Garth Whelen finally begun the patent application process in an effort to protect his intellectual property for the concern.

• in 2014 the t'latte trademark application was filed.

• in 2015 the t'latte patent was awarded.

• under Debt Obligation Certificate (MMC-DOC II), mirth manufacturing concern has exclusive rights to any available future licensing/sub-licensing of related products/services; in return, creator Garth Whelen will receive a down-scaling (net) royalty, setting precendence for future DOCs with creators and mirth manufacturing concern.
If you'd like more information, maybe you /or your business would like to help accelerate the t'latte project, click here to check out our t'latte page, or click here to send an email.