We're Awake!   -                                         2013-August
• the website is officially launched and we've started doing business.

A little bad news  -                                     2013-October
• charitable status declined

A little good news  -                                   2013-October
• patent chase continues

New Year, New Notes  -                             2014-January
• updates about current projects
Updates - Long Overdue  -                        2014-August
• updates about current projects

t'latte is underway  -                        2014-September
• the t'latte project is launched on indiegogo.com

t'latte, back in the saddle  -                 2015-January
• the t'latte project is set to roll again on IndieGoGo.com

the first quarter updates  -                    2015-April
• the t'latte project, "on location", the umbrella project...
Getting Started  -                    2016-February
• the t'latte project, "on location", the umbrella project, a display of gravity...