the first quarter updates   -                                                                             2016-April
• updates about current projects
(by Garth Whelen)
The t'latte project...

The patent was officially awarded in Fall 2015, the contract manufacturer is ready to make t'latte infusers with or without retail packaging, and the concern has drafted a business plan in support of establishing a t'latte franchise.  We're ready for the right individual(s) to take the t'latte project to market, but they'll have to bring their own investments. So, if you've been planning to open a cafe and are looking for a niche, or if you're looking to infuse some new flavour into your existing franchise, the t'latte project may be exactly what you're looking for.

the "on location" project...

We've finished the "on location" series pilot episode, and we've posted it on YouTube ( We've been working on a sponsor's base-chart outlining marketing costs to go along with the series bible, and we've begun actively seeking sponsors and distributors and production partners, so be sure to check out our new "on location" page and stay tuned for more updates.

the umbrella project #1...

our new umbrella project designed for adventure, tourism and golf, is well underway with a prototype dissected at the contract manufacturer and the first order cost, tooling/modelling estimates in.
The patent application has been filed and our patent-pending confirmation will be arriving shortly.

We're doing our best to get the factory ready for an initial investment order of our new umbrella, which'll be super useful on a hike, a beach, or a golf course.

a display of gravity project...

We're adding to our rental fleet!  Keep an eye-out for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for an opportunity to get discounted gear rentals by helping us purchase new gear to rent.

For more information about any of the concern's active projects, please feel compelled to write.