the first quarter updates   -                                                                             2015-April
• updates about current projects
(by Garth Whelen)
The t'latte project...

Our most recent crowdfunding effort for the t'latte infusers was a bit of a flop.  With a very limited marketing budget and my friends already tapped on the original t'latte crowdfunding effort, I had difficulty finding the market for the t'latte infusers campaign.  Through flexible funding that failed to reach it's goal, our supporters received a full refund.
   Now, after a few months of bootstrapping efforts, the tooling is finally underway on the better, simpler t'latte infuser design.  We're looking forward to checking out the production samples in a few weeks, so standby for more photos and updates.  The factory will be ready to receive your wholesale orders of t'latte infusers this summer.

the "on location" project...

We're into the post production of the "on location" series pilot episode, and we've posted our first previews on YouTube, so be sure to check out our new "on location" page and stay tuned for more updates.

the umbrella project...

our new umbrella project designed for adventure, tourism and golf, is well underway with a prototype dissected at the contract manufacturer and the first order cost, tooling/modelling estimates coming in. 
We're doing our best to get the factory ready for your wholesale orders of our new umbrella, which'll be super useful on a hike, a beach, or a golf course.  I would love to tell you more about it, but it's pretty secret and requires non-disclosure agreements, for now.

For more information about any of the concern's active projects, please feel compelled to write.