Updates - Long Overdue   -                                                                  2014-August
• updates about current projects
(by Garth Whelen)

2014 is roaring by...

general -
Development work continues at the concern, on corporate administration, and our current priorities remain focused on bringing the “on location” and mirth Tea projects to fruition.

“on location” -
Production continues on the “on location” (c) series pilot episode, we're just a couple of small scenes left in production before we go to post.  Unfortunately, our budget is once again exhausted, so I've been grabbing some freelance work to help rebuild the budget.  We're also considering investing in a little bit of merchandice to sell off as "perks" in a crowdfunding campaign, to cover the costs of post production and buy some local music rights for the soundtrack, so watch for that coming soon.

mirth Tea -
The last round of examinations is underway on our utility patent application of mirth Tea.  We are considering also applying for a design patent for the device(s) in case the process itself proves to be public domain.  A new trademark for the mirth Tea product has recently been suggested, and we like it enough to register it as the funds become available.  Development of a production-ready prototype device has been put on hold in favor of completing a 3D rendering of the product as intended for mass production, maybe even a 3D printed prototype.
       We're also considering the crowdfunding approach to financing a first production run and patent/industrial design applications for this project, so watch out for updates...  Although the concern would ideally like to create the local contract manufacturing source for mirth Tea related devices, for start-up financing reasons it may be necessary to use the common "designed in Canada, made in China" label if a local member partner cannot be found.
       mirth manufacturing concern is accepting inquiries from perspective business partners for the mirth Tea project, for the manufacturing of related products, commercial use of the process and use of the trademark.  Our requirements include the recognition of appropriate royalties and use/development of local manufacturing facilities wherever possible.  Contact me, creating director Garth Whelen for more information.

in the works -
As a little tease, watch out for mirth umbrella project #1 and the shiny solar project, currently in development in the concern's workshop.