New Year, New Notes   -                                                                  2014-January
• updates about current projects
(by Garth Whelen)

Happy New Year everyone! 
Everyone here at mirth manufacturing concern would like to welcome you to 2014, wishing you success and happiness.

general -
Development work continues at the concern, on corporate administration and current projects.  After our first official Annual General Meeting (transcription to be made available soon), it’s pre-business as usual with me, creating director Garth Whelen continuing to act as corporate man-of-all-hats drawing advice from financial director Sara Whelen and permaculture director Jeff Maciejko.
         A few new project ideas have been presented by current members, and development on these wonderful new product concepts will begin just as soon as resources such as money and man-hours allow.  Of course, our current priorities remain focused on bringing the “on location” and mirth Tea projects to fruition.

“on location” -
Production continues on the “on location” (c) series pilot episode, with the projected release set for sometime this winter.  Some unforeseen delays in production have sprung up as I continuously compromise between project development and bill-paying work on some local commercial productions.  Just as soon as the pilot is finished, a pitch-package will be finalized and we will be actively seeking sponsors, artists and distributors for the series.

mirth Tea -
Further amendments and examination is required and underway on our utility patent application, as expired prior art may conflict with the novel nature of mirth Tea.  We are considering also applying for a design patent for the device(s) in case the process itself proves to be public domain.  A new trademark for the mirth Tea product has recently been suggested, and we like it enough to register it as the funds become available.  Development of a production-ready prototype device is also getting underway.
       mirth manufacturing concern is accepting inquiries from perspective business partners for the mirth Tea project, for the manufacturing of related products, commercial use of the process and use of the trademark.  Our requirements include the recognition of appropriate royalties and use/development of local manufacturing facilities.  Contact me, creating director Garth Whelen for more information.