A little good news   -                                                                  2013-October
• patent chase continues
(by Garth Whelen)

A recent development with a display of gravity has generated some news...  The pending patent application has been declined, insptected, reviewed, errors corrected, amendments made, and resubmitted...

Believe it or not, this is good news for the concern.  The objections to the application were based on prior art, the most recent of it expiring in December 2013 so, even if the revisions are declined, mirth manufacturing concern will be free to become "first to market" with the mirth Tea innovation.  However, the objections to the application indicate that we failed to establish the true nature of the intended innovation, that patentable stray from the established norm, and we remain confident that the amendments will correct and clarify the novelty of mirth Tea.

Cross your fingers with us, as we endeavour to persevere, and establish what we hope to be a strong foundation for future projects.