• Pocket WiFi Kit: Avoid roaming charges on your visit to Canada, have the internet and a connected office available in remote locations.  Works on the Telus Network and provides wifi connections for up to 10 devices each.
Wireless LTE (Telus) Internet Hotspots travel with a USB Cable and Power Adaptors, other accessories available on request; $0.05/MB data use fees apply, and a $7.00/MB network roaming penalty may apply if taken out of country. (5 available through us, 3 more are currently available from an affiliate). ($25/week or $50/month plus data)

• 22 kit:  Watch the feed on a 22" HD Monitor.
Samsung 22" HDMI LED Monitor or Television; travels with stand, cables, 120V adaptor. (1x Monitor - no audio - and 1x Television - with audio - available). ($25/day or $100/week)

•Cube Encoder / WiFi Playback kit*:
Teradek Cube 155;travels with 32GB microSD Card, connection cables, batteries, battery chargers, (2 available), can include iPad/iPad mini, wifi-router(s)/bridge(s), LapTop with LightIron Server.
($75 - $100/day, or $200 - $350/week)
- Garth can also offer "Wirecast Pro" mixing/streaming services when he travels with the WiFi Playback kit(s).

•HD-SDI Splitter:  Make 1 signal into 4 with a Reclocking 3G HD-SDI Splitter.  Comes with a 120V power adaptor (2 available, Battery Power options coming soon). ($30/day)

•Signal Converter Options: Need to make HD-SDI into HDMI or back again? ($30/day)
   • Atomos Connect Converter HD-SDI to HDMI travels with battery, charger, 120V adaptor
  • Atomos Connect Converter HDMI to HD-SDI travels with battery, charger, 120V adaptor
  • HD-SDI to VGA + Audio Converter travels with 120V adaptor.

•Cable crate: Sometimes going wireless is just too risky, so there's a range of cables too.
BNC Cables (30m x2, 7.6m x2, 4.5m x4, .5m coil x2); travels with 2x 9.2m HDMI Cables, USB extension cables, assortment of hardware. ($50/day)

• Kit Rates are negotiable depending on your project type and needs. •
Garth Whelen is proud to offer resources in film/video production, developing the wisdom needed to write/direct/create motion picture art, his current skills, experience and equipment offerings include:
field IT Services -
• skills include electronics/network set-up, basic database development/maintenance (FileMaker Pro), basic graphic/web design, editing (video/photo/print), basic Digital Intermediary Technician services

some of our available kit is listed below - (tell us about your project needs)
Other Production Assistant  Services -
• skills include various Production, office and set Assistant, Art, Writing and Direction services.  Please refer to Garth's Curriculum Vitae for a list of prior experiences.

additional personnel will soon be available for various production services through mirth manufacturing concern... be sure to check back in with the concern for your next project.
DJI Osmo - a DJI Osmo X3 stabalized handled 4K camera. [Arriving Early February] Kit includes spare batteries and charger, 32GB slush-cards, smartphone holder, microphone with windsock, and a carrying case.  Download the free DJI Go app for viewfinder and controls options. Watch for an X5R camera update soon. ($100/day, $350/week)

• GoPro Hero2 - an old familiar favourite. ($30/day)

• Pentax K-x - an easy to use DSLR camera, small assortment of lenses. ($100/day)

• we hope to change up and add more to this category soon.
Cameras - (a new category)
Other Production Resources -
• a small assortment of lights, including Victor lights, Cool lights, some gels, and some LED brick-lights are also available.

• a small assortment of art-department - set-decoration items, miscellaneous tools and supplies, contacts and other resources.