created in Calgary, Alberta Canada, to establish an infrastructure for creators, artists, inventors, to see their ideas to fruition and gain a modest royalty; to create more local jobs with better working conditions, to include manufacturing services competitive with foreign markets, with an ecological focus on the local community.

Consider the concern an experiment to see what happens when we remove greed from the corporate equation.
mirth manufacturing concern is a non-profit company
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our logo: "it's the hands of friendship that turn the gears of industry"

our mission, our goals:
                    • to be where anyone can bring any idea to life, and make it
                       available for everyone
                    • to keep people working, doing what they're great at
                    • to get people exploring, finding out what else they're great at
                    • to bring respect: for environment, people, for work and for living

why? and how? 
mirth manufacturing concern is a non-profit company so, instead of project profits being earned for the benefit of a few owners or shareholders; everything earned is reinvested into more projects, better working conditions and continuous development for employees, resources to reduce the environmental impacts of anything we do, and resources to support our communities.
the concern's humble beginnings are designed to expand veritically, eventually connecting every industry in an effort to provide localized resources to support any idea.  Inventors and creators can have a safe place to invest their ideas, with the resource and support to continue inventing, expanding the concern's potential with each project. 
Investors keen to participate are also welcome to discuss and propose Debt-Obligation-Certificates (DOCs) of their own, but mirth manufacturing concern will not take on shareholders.  the concern prefers sponsorship and resource arrangements, and will consider financial investments and creditors on a per-project basis.